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Dear Valued Customer,

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have ceased operating Jobe Industries, Inc. and are in the process of selling the business. Over the last few weeks we understand some of you were unable to reach our offices and  were greeted only with a Voice Mail recording.  We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience. For over 66 years Jobe has been the source of quality products and service for thousands of customers. While the search and negotiations are ongoing it is our hope that Jobe will once again be providing you the same great service and quality products under new management.  


We cannot provide any timetable at this moment, but will keep you apprised.


Thank you for your patronage.


In the meantime, we do have a limited inventory of products at our warehouse in Linden. While we are not manufacturing at this time and cannot ship any product, we are offering you the opportunity to place orders and pick up product on a "cash and carry" basis at a 35% discount on any quantity. If you are interested please e-mail us with your order request. Once we have received it we will check inventory, send you a proforma invoice and try to schedule a mutually acceptable pickup date since our factory is not open daily at this time. Please note that all payments must be cash or money order. We cannot accept checks or credit cards.




JOBE Industries, Inc.

Please be advised that the person using is not a representative of Jobe Industries or has any authority to sell Jobe Industries or Dafna products

Let it Flow!!
Jobe introduces the perfect product
for your
Lava - Volcano equipment

Very Economical
Lava Glow

Foam & Shine Polish
formulated with carnauba & silicone
produces thick brilliant orange foam

contact us for information and samples

Get a dry car quickly for less than the price of a stick of gum!

Negev-99 Super Drying Agent!
Dilutable up to 700:1

How do we do it?
That’s our secret!

Why do we do it?
To save you money on your per car cost.

Call for a free sample.
One last question........
What are you waiting for?


Quality Scented Drying Agents

for a drier car


formulated with

Jobe's Proprietary Carnauba Extract

for Enhanced Shine and Gloss



Cherry Shine Regular-

formulated with economy in mind.

Dilution:250 - 400:1

Cherry Shine Plus

Dilution: 350 - 600:1

Cherry Shine & Mint Shine Ultra

Dilution: 1000-1500:1


These Great new products join our

Berry Shine



Looking for a High Foaming, Concentrated low pH detergent?

Jobe proudly introduces

Bright N Foamy


Five Colorful, High Foaming, Low pH Detergents!
 Ultra Concentrated - Economical - pennies per application!
Free Rinsing -Will not leave swirl marks!
Clear coat safe! Contains NO harsh acids!


Bright N foamy’s were formulated to deliver thick, rich foam that lubricates any vehicle surface and float away dirt and grime!

Jobe ‘s versatile
“Save Money” button!
One single product formulated with a vast array of ingredients that include:
water softeners,
biodegradable solvents,
rust inhibitors and

to produce a highly concentrated product to handle multiple applications at different dilutions.
Mega Ultra Prep 90

NO Sodium Hydroxide,
NO Potassium Hydroxide,

 NO Sodium Metasilicate

 saves space in pump room

(instead of many different products for bucket soap, foam soap, pressure guns soap, prep arches, tire and wheel cleaners)
One 7 gal pail makes a 30 gal drum for less than $100
1. prepping cars (prep guns and/or bucket soap)
2. multiple applications in the wash tunnel (CTA, prep and super-foam for arches)
3. detailing department services

Just in time for Winter 2012, or for that matter...

Spring, Fall and Summer

to remove that added road dirt, pollen, dust and film....

A "Readily Biodegradable" Prep Detergent

Berry Prep
highly concentrated
made with Biodegradable Solvents
 and the sweet scent of Berry!


Krystal KleerTM

Water-Based Beading-type Windshield Treatment

Revolutionary Water-based technology for glass treatment!

Other glass treatments contain up to 75% solvents (not very green)

      Krystal Kleer Contains No Solvents

      Krystal Kleer is VOC free.

      Easy to apply.

      Lasts 3-6 months.


      Contains no waxes, oils, solvents or silicone.

      The “greener” alternative to Rain-X*

      Packaged for retail sale in 16 oz. bottles with triggers (12 bottles per case)

Dafna Automotive Specialties

Krystal Kleer

* Rain-X is a product of ITW Global

Jobe Bio-Sudz "readily biodegradable" products not only

help you safeguard the environment, but

now you can tell your customers

that you care!

This 8' vinyl banner is suitable for indoor and outdoor display!

Contact us today for information on our BIO-SUDZ

Products and Banner!!

Click on logo





The next generation of
“Green Chemistry”
Readily Biodegradable
No NPE’s - No VOC’s
Phosphate Free
Bio-Sudz Hi Foaming Detergents
Bio-Sudz Liquid Laundry Detergent
Bio-Sudz Foam Polishes

Formulated to be Environmentally Friendly
Economically Priced
Safe for the Environment - Light on your Wallet

Finally a Water Based Tire Dressing that Leaves a Gloss & Shine that will
match that of a Solvent Based product.

TireGel Plus
can be applied through and automatic applicator or by hand.
Same Great Results any way you look at it!!

Times are tough!

Stimulate your savings with products formulated with the

Economy of price you need and the Quality you deserve!!

Jobeterge - the economical all purpose cleaner!

 Prime Detergent -  BIODEGRADABLE,

low priced, concentrated, high foaming, super cleaning detergent with Super Lubricity!

 Perfectly Blue, Pink or Gold

Economical yet concentrated high foaming polishes with Carnauba!

 These products are just a small part of Jobe's formula for Stimulating your sales with quality products!

We are actively looking for reliable distributors!

We offer private labeling and can modify certain products to your specifications.

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Jobe's Exclusive Caribbean Distributor!

With over 25 years of experience in the car wash, quick lube and detailing industries, Car Wash Services of the Caribbean is your one stop place to shop for getting all the expertise you need to achieve your business goals. Whether you are looking to expand your current business or looking to design a top notch car wash system, Car Wash Services of the Caribbean will be there to help you.

Jobe now distributes

It's a water-powered dosing pump that injects concentrated chemicals into water lines. The water-powered Dosatron units are carbon neutral, alleviating the costly need for electricity.

Jobe Industries, located in Linden, New Jersey has been a basic manufacturer of quality products for the professional car washing industry since 1950. Our reputation has been built on our commitment to quality, consistency and service. Our knowledge of the vehicle cleaning industry is second to none.

 Our products include: 
Detergents, "Oil Free" Drying Agents, Tire Cleaners, Foam Polishes, Triplecoat Protectorants, Tire Dressing, Engine Degreasers, Interior Cleaners and all products used in conveyor, touchless, rollover and detail vehicle washing. 

Jobe Now Accepts






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